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Jan 2 13 4:26 PM

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We are playing WW2 in 28mm at Dirigo Hobbies on Sunday, Jan. 13th.

John Butt said he'd open the door at 11:00 for the game masters so they could get everything set up.
For those of you who are not game masters...feel free to show up at noon. That will give us all an hour to set up. If you want to come at 11:00 to help set up, thats also very cool.

I am not sure WHAT the scenarios will be, but I hope to post this info as soon as I find out.

If YOU want to run a 28mm WW2 game for us all ... just post here (or let me know) and we'll get you in.
Looking forward to rolling dice with you all.

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Jan 9 13 9:52 AM

For those of you who are planning on playing ...or dropping by... its looking like we'll have a game of Bolt Action and two games of Battleground Running this time around at Dirigo Hobbies. We plan on making all games available for folks to play, so be sure to come along. Always feel free to hang out, look at the stuff and talk game. :-)
See you guys there ....this noon!

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Jan 9 13 12:06 PM

Sounds great, Tony.  I bet people will like being able to see both rules.

Any chance you might bring that same idea to the game day in February?  What if you guys set up one of your fantastic tables, and players ran through the same scenario twice- once with BG and once with BA?  Might be kind of cool to see how they play out.  I know that Eric Jones was talking about running some BA, or facilitating a game/s with people bringing their own figures.  Maybe you could work together to showcase WW2 gaming in 28mm?

Don't mean to volunteer you for anything.  Just tossing ideas around!

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Jan 10 13 10:23 AM

We will be trying to game in Febuary. It could be cool to try and make the trek up to Bath for the MHWA event. We certainly would do WW2. :-)
I'll talk it over with the rest of the guys this weekend.
See you all this sunday at the game!

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