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Oct 22 14 6:35 PM

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Light Bobs: a nickname for the British light infantry, first used during the American Wars of Independence, and commonly applied to the Light Division during the Napoleonic wars.If you are familiar with the Day of Battle, you'll notice a partial resemblance to them in these rules. I really enjoy the Command, Personality and Battle Line Morale parts of Day of Battle and knew I could use them for other eras.Light Bobs is meant to cover actions where hundreds, rather than thousands, of soldiers are deployed. I feel that Light Bobs is written to be at battalion level, meaning the player commands four or more units called Companies. Companies are small (4 to 12 figures). This scale is larger than a man-to-man encounter, but below a brigade or multiple battalion engagement.A basic game is between two leaders called Leaders of Worth with each commanding 4 to 6 Companies. Action is fast and sharp with the different Companies being of mixed arms and varying moral types. This is the scale of small units led by individual officers: a scale that I feel is sorely lacking in rules offerings. To bring out the individuality of the scale and the period I have used the personality rules from Day of Battle. These rules allow you to fight your Leader of Worth from battle to battle and watch him grow as a commander. This system is a sort of paperless campaign.
Interested in reading and playing my beta version edited by Phil Smith? Drop me a note at chris at dayofbattle dot com
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Feb 19 15 4:03 PM

Loght Bobs is Shipping

Hey There

Well I know I dropped off the planet for a few months but writing a new set of rules will do that to you as I'm sure you all know :)

You can find a lot of information on my Day of Battle site using the link above and lots of free downloads such as the first chapter.

The rules are still $20 and are now full color.  Can you stand it!!!  At that price you can't affrod not to buy them and help a fellow rules writer sufferer out :)

Anyway sorry I can't be there Saturday, it just creeped up on me but look for me at as many events that I can make in the future.

Thank you to all my friends

Chris Parker

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