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Oct 18 09 7:58 AM

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Morning, everyone.

Great show yesterday!  Thanks to all who made the trip to play, and especially to all the game masters who put in so much time to prepare and run the games.  Well done, again.

We had roughly 42 attendees for the day including game masters and volunteers.  By the cheering and smiles, I came away with the impression that the players were having a very good time rolling the dice. 

A few things to note....
Austin (Bob Bailey's grandson) ran his first convention game, "Hey, That's Our Food!" a Roman/Celtic scenario using the Milk and Cookies rules from Historicon as I understand it.  Well done, Austin!  I walked by the table a few times and there were smiles all around so folks were having fun.  Nice job on your first game mastering.

We had three new young gamers.  Louis came with Austin and Bob Bailey, Cameron joined his Uncle Andy.  Chris Wallace is a student of mine at BRCTC who attended and tried out his first historical miniatures games.  It was good to see young gamers at the event (you too, Christopher Gurney!). 

Jack Gaudette drove 5.5 hours to meet the club and play in the morning session.  If ever we do get around to putting together one of those prizes for longest drive to attend, Jack deserves it for this game day!  Also, Jack provided a prize for the ticket auction, a box of Wargames Factory Celts.  Thanks, Jack for making the effort to meet and visit, and for the support of the club!

Speaking of long drives, Rob Brown and Tad Dwyer drove up for the Game Day from the Keene, NH area.  Good to see you guys and thanks for making the trip!  Dont forget The Two Eds either as both also made long drives and ran a very cool looking game.  There was a ton of stuff on that table!  The Bangor group of course continues to be strong supporters, willing to drive 2 hours to run and play games with us.  Thanks to all!

We had two new attendees from Northern Conspiracy.  Don Miller and John Carlson live in NH and joined us for the day, bringing along some items for the flea market.  I think Art Fossa bought most of John's old board games.  John was kind enough to donate to the MHWA a castle/keep which had been scratchbuilt by someone in Amesbury.  Thanks, John!

Now this one you wont believe.  We had a female join us this time around!  Yes, its true, Tom Watson brought his girlfriend, Kate, and once he allowed her to start rolling the dice for their command, look out!  From what I hear, she was a crack shot and pulled Tom's bacon from the fire.

The ticket auction was a great success.  We had prizes donated by Art Fossa, Blue Moose Arts, Jack Gaudette, Eric Hatch, Bill DiGiulio, Chris Penney, Wargames Factory, Jim Hatch, Dean Emmerson, and Bill Jenkins.  Mark Huskins probably spent $30 for $10 hat, and we thank him for it!  He would not be outbid!  Thanks to all for their support, giving prizes and buying tickets.  This was Jim Hatch's idea two game days ago and its been a great one.

Several attendees walked away with units of Wargames Factory barbarians to paint for our club project, the Battle of Sabis.  I hope the painters will post photos on the forum so that we can watch their progress.  

Lastly, I would like to thank Bob Kane very sincerely for taking on the snack bar this time around.  It was a huge help to me to have someone else take this on.  Thanks too to all those who brought items to the snack bar- Billy for the donuts, and Dave Shuster (and his fiance, Jenell who actually did the baking) for the cookies!

As ever when trying to send one of these notes out, I will have forgotten to mention someone, for which I apologize in advance.  There are so many people involved making these events go well that we should all get a pat on the back.

Okay, now to start planning the February Game Day!  The theme is going to be Winter Wars (battles) so give some thought to what you might like to run.

Thanks everyone.  A great time, well done!



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Oct 18 09 5:37 PM

Here are some more photos...

Left side of the hall

John Carlson spending his flea market proceeds at Art Fossa's booth

Chris Parker and Jim Flanagan at the Brandywine

Rob and Tad talk gladiator tactics...

Blood on the sand

I heard the Betty's went down in flames!

Jim Hatch, Andy Stinson, Dave Shuster and Eric Hatch.  Just barely visible on the left is the GM, Wayne Warner.

Alright, I've run out of time.  More photos later.

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Oct 19 09 5:24 AM

Haha, when we playtested the scenario at Crossroads the Betty's also went down in flames. I would have loved to play this scenario again but just couldn't pass up BEL.

We herd sheep, we drive cattle, we lead people. Lead me, follow me, or get out of my way. George S. Patton

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Oct 20 09 6:04 AM

Austin had a great time and even had his best friend from Lisbon (DJ) show up at the end and play a little of the 3-D air game (decent maneuvering, but no hits). DJ is planning to come to Huzzah! in the spring, where I promised him a 15mm World War II game.

I think the Game Days are as good as it gets. It's like a game club meeting writ larger.

The best part is the gamers, though. Even when things are coming apart badly, upset is under control. You folks are great, and you're what made Austin's first GM experience so wonderful.


Bob Bailey

History is the story of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

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