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Feb 27 10 5:15 PM

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Another outstanding event from Dean and gang! Thank you very much! Enjoy some pics...

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Feb 27 10 5:54 PM

Although the dice were quite cold in the morning (literally) :-)  Things soon warmed up in the afternoon!

Good Job Guys!

Thanks for another GREAT games day.


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Feb 28 10 4:57 AM


Thanks for the kind words- and to everyone for taking the lack of power in stride yesterday morning!  It was a little cold when we started, and the hall was pretty dim at times as the snow squalls moved through and overcast became thicker, but the hall was full, the games ran well, and folks seemed to be having fun.  Thanks to all the game masters for putting on such a great selection of games, and to everyone for making the trek to the Game Day through ice and snow, and lack of electricity at home and in Bath.

Wow- you guys are right about the driving.  I left Bath around 8:00 and the driving was as nasty as I've seen it in years.  If I'd been driving my little Toyota rather than the CR-V, I'm not sure that I would have made it up Witch Spring Hill!  Between Bath and Gardiner the roads were awful, with very low visibility.  Once I hit Gardiner, it was just rain.

Mike- Nice photos.  Great camera you have there.  I'll post some photos too as time allows. 

Thanks again to everyone for their help with the Game Day.  The donations for the ticket auction made for another interesting, and profitable, club fund-raiser, and the bake sale too.  Thanks to Jim Flanagan for staying up all night to make the whoopie pies and for organizing the food table, and to Christopher Gurney for bringing along the water and cooler.  Who knew Limerick had such a great Donut shop?  Its a big help to have people pitching in on these things. 

and did I say that Jim Flanagan made the Whoopie Pies?  Make sure you tell him how good they were!

Thanks guys.


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Feb 28 10 11:33 AM

It was definitely a great time yesterday. Thanks for bringing the Zulu's and for a great game as always Tim and Thanks Niven for an equally great game. It's unfortunate that we can only do this a couple of times a year. While I'm at it Thanks Dean for all of your hard work organizing everything. I feel bad that you dont get a chance to play at these events especially after all of your hard work. In the future if you need help covering a registration table or doing anything at all let me know. I'll volunteer for anything at all if it will free you up to enjoy the event a little. It was great to see some old faces and meet a few new ones. I'll see you all at Huzzah. -Mark

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Feb 28 10 1:08 PM


Glad to hear you had a good time and that you made it home safely.  Not to worry about my having a chance to play.  I enjoy wandering around and checking out all the action.  Thanks for the offer of help- I'll certainly take you up on it!

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Feb 28 10 8:31 PM

I was going to make a joke about having electricity until I read further. Well, it certainly was winter oriented. Hopefully I'll get to the big one coming up.

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Mar 4 10 6:31 AM

Hey folks - 

Twas a great time, indeed!

Some photos of the 28mm WW2 game that Chris B ran -

Sorry for the funky color - I had to adjust most of them for a weak flash. :(


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