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May 30 11 10:27 PM

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Hi Guys.  I hope it is ok for me to post this here.  My co-host, Tom Barbalet, and I just released the latest episode of our show, which is focused on my time at Huzzah.  I hope you will give it a listen and that you will enjoy it.  It is about an hour long.

You can find it at and it will be on iTunes within 24 hours.

We have a couple giveaways in this show along with tons of thank yous and mentions for the great people I gamed with, people who ran games/the con, and vendors.

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May 31 11 11:57 AM

I just listened to the podcast and it was nifty to listen to someone else's in-depth perspective on the convention, the games, vendors, etc.  

Jonathan, glad to hear that you and your wife enjoyed Portland, the convention, and that you intend to return next year.  

For everyone else, I encourage you to check out the podcast.  Its a lot of fun to go back and remember the weekend.

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