Aug 22 11 8:31 AM

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Hey All;

Well the gaming space is finally in condition to be used!  Woo Hoo!

So on Friday the 26th, Bruce Zimmerman will be dusting off a classic game... Panzer Gruppe Guderian.  We will be playing Blind, with each player on his/her own map.  Come one come all.

We are at 64 Pearl St, Bath, ME  The game room is in the shed in the back... if you need directions PM me and I will shoot you directions by email. 

We will begin playing as close to   6:30 as possible.

On Friday the 2nd of September, Peter Rice and Andy Alley, who are in the area for the next couple of weeks will put on their own Battle of Britain game, again - come one come all... 

Weekly games will be held, and I will post more as time passes.

Again I hope to see all you games in the Bath, Brunswick, Topsham area.  If you need directions just ask.

Tim Richter